As the neuroscience community began studying the effects of meditation on the brain it became apparent that there is a scientific basis for this practice that has many forms in most religions for at least 3,000 years. Technology has to some extent demystified consciousness.

Research at major universities has shown that over 6,000 thoughts arise in our conscious minds daily. Attention to these thoughts limits your creativity and most importantly your relationships. Meditation trains you that thoughts are not the problem. Attachment to them is. Meditation does not stop thinking, it enlightens it.

As a result, more people and major companies have started meditation programs to improve their mental health. By practicing meditation you can experience inner peace and see the world simply as it is free of distraction in the turbulence that surrounds us and resounds in us.

However, based on my years of meditation be careful. Yes, meditation leads to inner serenity and simple awareness of the world around you. But be aware of falling into the trap where meditation becomes only a way to blissfully live observing the needs of world and those around you. This is a real danger. I have fallen into this trap myself many times.

Authentic meditation places you, completely aware, right in the middle of the troubles of those around you. It is a path leading to action not just a way to internal bliss.

Keep meditating but remember the fruit of meditation is service to others. In taking concrete action in the world you live in, you will experience real freedom and become the person you were destined to be.