Mindfulness & Meditation

We have little control stopping the thousands of thoughts arising in our minds every day.

But thoughts are not the problem.

Attachment to them is.

Meditation trains you to be aware of thoughts but not be defined by them.

As your identity becomes separated from thoughts, you begin to see the world as it simply is and experience who you really are.

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Over the past 20+ years, clinical research has shown that meditation has positive effects on brain activity and health.

In the past decade, over 500 companies started programs to help employees experience the benefits of meditation and resulting mindfulness:

  • Stress reduction; lower anxiety levels
  • Better focus and listening ability
  • Longer attention spans and increased creativity

Many accomplished CEO’s practice meditation to grow as a person and better lead their companies.

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Meditation does lead to inner serenity and direct awareness of the world around you. But meditation is more than a state where you blissfully live unconscious of the needs of world and those around you.

Quite the contrary, meditation places you right in the middle of everyday life and the troubles of those around you. It is a path leading to action that benefits others creating productive and meaningful relationships.

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